Computer security is reaching such levels of importance that there is already some companies who have signed up to the current Mozilla, creators of the famous Firefox browser, economically reward those who communicate them weaknesses of your product safety launched. The amount that Mozilla pays is $500 and a t-shirt when it’s unknown vulnerabilities and which are not caused by third-party applications. For its part, Google seems that it has also understood this as a good idea, since for its operating system project Chromium also offers rewards for those users that report on software security flaws.While the initial amount that would pay Google would initially also $ 500, this amount may be increased to $1,337. This figure is not chosen by chance, but that is a clear nod to the community hacker, is a way of referencing leet (elite). Since the attack on Google from China, and the recommendation of the authorities of France and Germany not to use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, it seems that manufacturers don’t want to stop counting with the invaluable collaboration of the community of users and developers. This collaboration certainly help Google and Mozilla to be better able to prevent the same thing happening them that Microsoft regarding its Internet Explorer browser. Manuel Diaz Audea information security original author and source of the article