Famous photos Polaroid camera which marked a whole era offering photographs instantly and their rolls, will be discontinued as they announced the company’s officers. The great acceptance of digital cameras that allow you to save amounts of photographs on a single chip, and allows you to reveal them in your home or when you are in a business developer did theirs. Competition with the Giants Canon, Olympus, Sony and others no doubt made it difficult the commercial life of Polaroid. The company will eliminate about 150 jobs at its plant in Massachusetts and in good times, in the 1970s, he employed about 15,000. Anyway according to a note which appeared on the Boston.com site, the company will seek that a company buys the rights to manufacture the camera even though according to its executives is not easy. If this does not happen, Polaroid users must find a technology of photography alternative since the company will produce only enough rolls until the coming year says the site citing a official. The company will now focus on selling photographs for home printers.