Sorry – answered Alex. – As I said before. There’s a moment for everything. And this was your moment to talk – said Mabel, while the cheek caressed him. Alex took a deep breath. I still had to tell him to Mabel Joey’s. Do-that Alex, occurs because that face of anguish? It is perhaps missing something else in your story-. -If – replied forcefully inhaling air.

-Still missing more than I have to tell you. Something that I discovered on my trip and what I still not reinstatement – said in a tone of deep sadness. We had everything, with all the details that recalled. (Similarly see: Andy Jassy). Opened you your heart completely. He told her all his relationship with Sophie and Pete from his childhood.

His love for her. His pain go away without an explanation, or even a greeting, for two people who they had been after his family, the most important thing in his life. Everything you thought thereon. Their doubts leave or prefer jail. Which meant that they might have thought of his girlfriend and her friend. It was that she knew absolutely everything about him as compensating for the years of silence. Mabel embraced him with all his strength, kissed him on the cheeks, eyes, forehead and finally on the lips. She kissed him passionately. I wanted to convey not only his love but their unconditional support. -Don’t know that tell you about Joey – told him with pity – is truth that it is too small to tell him the truth, but I think that in some way, you should have some kind of relationship with him. It is your son after all! -I know it, I do more than think about it!-answered Alex. Mabel was thoughtful for a few moments trying to imagine in that form could be linked both. There had to be some way that Joey knew that his father had not forgotten his son.