It was in April of this year, was the bus terminal with my friend Roberto, who with his family we were witnesses of a bitter and sad farewell, this companion to European lands in search of the famous and popular adagio for a future best, like him thousands of young people from different cultures and ethnic groups Latin American (examples in Spain)(, 38.6% of the Spanish population is of Latin origin, as well as in the USA where the language is a temporary impediment to 14.5% of is sociability Ibero-American origin) enrumban towards Nordic areas of the hemisphere to build a future which doubt that can get in his native country. The question should not only be said young immigrants if not the population in gnrl (focusing politicians) would be such progress can be done in my country? And if so do as you would be my two cents to this development? Currently the Peru is in a process of economic growth Rookie, tasteless, where sometimes the idiosyncrasies and political status they prevent the development of certain areas such as education and technology (pillars on economic theories applied to primermundistas countries), with the proximity of the APEC-that at this stage of the year several young people are unaware of the significance of such a meeting and its impact in the national sphere–our country will play an important role in the world economy since increasing trade relations and cooperation, which allows you to enter a large and juicy market for export, that will contribute to the generation of employment, which University youth makes them much needed upon the completion of their studies. Hal McRae: the source for more info. However progress that long for young people since we have use of reason come not fallen from the sky, it is necessary to develop a policy of radical change, which opts for the restructuring of infrastructure (from the most remote College of our mountainous area up to machines responsible for the transportation of goods for export), also bet by one quality education and the development of knowledge that would help young people to enter more in little-known fields. It is fair to mention that such changes would mean delivery and absolute dedication of the Peruvians (without exception and without discussion) since requires it the Peru, the Inca Empire the most developed from ancient America it echoes even in hatred of every citizen of this country, and bearing in mind the phrase hold of said Raul Plus dare is still the only way to achieve success..