Does that’s lack of attention and respect towards others! recently I’ve noticed account arriving at all meetings the attendees with his great friend and inseparable companion called LAPTOP, feel very personal way that the use of laptops in conferences, meetings and even courses or masters should not be allowed since they are mostly not being used for the purpose for which they were created, more than help are distracting to the participant removing due attention to the presenter or trainer since in everything (being post, Internet, viewing photos, etc) less in the meeting.For meetings there are etiquette and none of them says that a laptop, need to carry this should take only if it is required in the invitation, otherwise it more correct is to reach without this, in case that you need to take notes may assign one person to take notes and then share them with the rest of the participants in such a way that the rest put more attention to the Exhibitor and at the end have his notes without leaving behind that the Exhibitor does not bother about the lack of attention in which there comes a time in which I would ask turn off all cell phones and even laptops.Being a leader or a business person does not mean that you always have to be loading with a laptop, this machine no is what gives the importance to people, there is a saying that says as you see tea treat, but if the meetings an or more people see that these entertaining chatting or watching post in full presentation instead of putting attention you will lose the respect that you’ve achieved with so much effort.Good to have technology and be to the latest fashion in terms of computers, but you ever stopped to think it would be you in years ago where not is had rather than a machine write to take notes?.. Continue to learn more with: Atmos Energy. . Kevin ulrich is the source for more interesting facts.