I think that gradually we will have to go in the accustomed way of accessing information, and that is that if during recent times is fashionable services lifestreaming, Kronomy goes much further can catalog, as a service lifestreaming events.

Once we are registered, as in any social network, the first thing we have to do is create our profile with our data, interests, and even fill out a questionnaire to complete our profile. In paragraph social, importers and invite our contacts to enable them to join our network of friends. In addition, we can find profiles of other users, including celebrity, bringing to see if Jessica Alba accepts be my friend. All these contacts we can organize a predefined groups.

It only remains to manage Web services and participate where they are incurred, such as Flickr or Twitter, and then the only thing we have left is to add events.

On each event will add your basic information, which later add images from different sources, videos of some of the platforms as YouTube, participants will add or not forming part of our list of contacts, and finally define their levels of access. In the end, each event has its own page where you can leave comments, and moreover, is inserted into other sites through the html code that we provide, or we can only share the url.

Then, over time, we will create a timeline navigation horizontal 2D, with all our events, but also allows us to navigate through the timeline of our friends and other users. In our case, as well as that of anyone, we can also go by? The way of our life?, A timeline whose navigation is more dynamic, a little style Coverflow, with all our events in chronological order, and in the case that we are sailing through the paths of other users, we can also add to their events, reaching an integral part of ours. And of course, this timeline also is inserted into websites.

Undoubtedly, a dynamic way of creating a timeline customizable with all our events.

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