Remember that your profile is also a social cover letter, so it is considered if you want to someone that you can gather a million people wanting to see Justin Bieber in breeches. 4 No, I don’t want play to the farm! If there is a nightmare on Facebook, there are applications. What do? In the part of account settings, there is a tab that allows you to allow or block certain applications (network marketing). In this part, you can erase all that bother you, avoiding to appear again and again in your profile. However, as I mentioned earlier, should set an example.

If you like playing in your granjita or answer a quiz in a time of leisure, do not put it in the wall of a friend! Respect to the alien profile is peace. 5. The blacklist one of the geniuses that I read in the comments is blacklisted. Normally suggest we do a lot of lists to configure privacy filters according to each group. Come, which, in practice, that can take you a whole afternoon and more if you have not cleaned your contacts. A simple solution is to create a blacklist for those friendships for commitment.

If your boss or your mother you have added (all happens to us), rather than give him air, add to this list with a tight control of privacy. As well, nor who you claim. 6. Not interested, do not see another one of the great inventions of Facebook is the ability to hide publications. In the main view (Home), appears the contents that share many of our contacts. If there is someone you don’t want to see, simply click on the upper right corner and choose hide. At the bottom there is a menu where you can also choose who hide permanently or even, if you want to appear more frequently the publications of another person.