Virtually no repairs in the apartment is complete without a selection of new solutions for the walls. Conventional wallpaper can expand the space, make the room brighter, to give a certain style. What if you want to make to your home something which is not nobody else, to express its character in the interior. New way of wall decor (wall design) by painting a perfect solution, which is becoming more popular every day. Under most conditions Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would agree. Paint the walls of the desired pattern can be their own hands, if you have any talent for painting. You may want to make a corridor in the style of graffiti, to settle elfof and superheroes in the nursery, a seashore or a waterfall in the bathroom, paint window in Paris, Japanese garden, or can the door on a meadow, another interesting option to depict portraits, many fantasy options are endless.

If the artistic skills lacking is a copy of 'Black Square', you help out ready-made templates that are sold in DIY stores. Stencil is attached to the wall with special glue, leaving no trace, and then displays image with spray paint, remove the stencil after the paint dry. You may want to make a complex artistic composition, look for professionals among friends. You can use any paint, vyvirayte in zavisimomti from the premises, pay attention to ecology, it is important to paint is not afraid to mechanical damage. If you still do not dare to do the whole wall in the room like fundomentalnym product, you can experiment by choosing a smaller object, such as ladders may turn into something special. If you liked the idea of creative ideas you can safely carry even the facade. If you have monsarda in your own home, you can make a piece of heaven right on the ceiling. As you can see easily make your interior unique, reflecting your essence.