Breathe sophistication, to provide warmth and comfort of any room interior will print. Interior print – this is the kind of wide-format printing, in which the main criterion is quality. Company Dilayn offers wide-format printing on fabric to decorate the premises. Liven up the interior: make it cozy or severe, intense colors or monochrome, draw attention to color and texture of your chosen material. Textile items may become the basis of an interior or will focus on the details of decoration. Scope of the interior decorating interior design * print * the premises of stands * Production of theatrical and television sets, etc. High-quality printing – up to 1440 dpi – and excellent color rendering capabilities of high-tech equipment is achieved by sublimation.

A wide range of materials and their possible use in interior decoration can implement the most unexpected design ideas. The interior, made of fabric, easy to carry and use – they are easy and plastic and environmentally safe. Due to the method of sublimation printing fabric can be washed and tumble dry. Printing on fabric is resistant to ultraviolet radiation.