A blood pressure monitor is not only in the medical, but also the domestic area for non-invasive blood pressure measurement used in longuich situated, the 25.05.2011. In many surgeries, the measurement of blood pressure among routine testing for every patient. Because high blood pressure, or hypertension, is a serious condition that can result in complications, but often only on the basis of sample measurements at all is diagnosed. A patient suffering from arterial hypertension and is treated accordingly, is advised often by the doctor to measure the blood pressure values in the domestic sphere him so many patients at home regularly and independently control their blood pressure readings. For doctor and patient, there are different types of blood pressure monitors, which are tailored to the specific needs. The best a fully automatic blood pressure monitor is suitable for domestic measurements. Such a blood pressure monitor measures the blood pressure button and requires no large instruction or training. Fully automatic blood pressure monitors are available for the wrist or the arm.

The blood pressure monitors for the wrist are usually cheaper, but rather inaccurate by the often incorrect application. Upper arm blood pressure monitors are more accurate, because the measurement on the upper arm has fewer sources of error. You the sleeve, as opposed to a wrist blood pressure monitor is not connected to the device, the upper arm blood pressure monitor rather consists of several parts. The cuff is connected by a cable with the blood pressure gauge, thus the cuffs can be exchanged at most devices depending on the arm circumference. The measurement with an upper arm blood pressure monitor is very easy, however the upper arm for measurement must be liberated. In the doctor’s surgeries and hospitals, especially manual blood pressure monitors as well as fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitors are used.

These consist of a cuff, a hose and a pressure gauge. The blood pressure measurement is one mostly using Performed stethoscope auscultation. This type of blood pressure measurement is extremely accurate when done properly and is therefore preferred by many physicians. Also blood pressure day profiles can be created in addition to the sample measurement. This long-term blood pressure monitors are used over 24 hours at pre-programmed intervals blood pressure measurements to perform and store the values for later review. This type of blood pressure measurement not only offered, to control the effect of drug therapy, but also to a possible white coat hypertension to diagnose when the blood pressure values only for doctor or hospital visits, but are within the normal range in the domestic environment. Practice service is one of the oldest medical technology companies in Germany and supplies including doctors and hospitals with a variety of medical supplies and medical supplies. In practice service, see Manual, automatic and long-term blood pressure monitors from well-known companies like boso, OMRON and common to reasonable prices. S.