Diary to the 2.Benefizkegelturnier in Dresden takes 60 days, and a slight trepidation by our Association! -Why? -We are always constantly on the move, and to find people, supporting enterprises and institutions which materially or financially 2011 “help us in the preparation and financial ensuring of our company charity bowling tournament. Our desires are quite small but with great effect. It is dedicated to but a good purpose. The donation pot for cancer children Dresden should this bowling tournament of a special kind of cone-enthusiastic participants, whether active bowlers, amateur bowlers, or even those who have never had a bowling ball in his hand, is populated. However, this help is difficult for many people. Are affected or even this fortunately with the illness, which so quickly with the word-Krebs-is named, had no contact, which turn away from us? It is the thought of the cohesion and the mutual affection that so slowly disappears from the vocabulary, often with the comment – we have nix- commented. We experience the different reactions on our approach as a support for this tournament.

Whether it is money or articles for the raffle, it difficult always our opponent, to confess and to agree, to join us in our efforts. We bear in mind that there will be many children in the city of Dresden, where we can simplify your life with the disease through the financing of sports, music or art therapy with the action of cone can help. All members of our Bowling Club are still busy with the preparations. So slowly, success was set and applications are increasing.