The truth is a nuisance century nineteen seemed that it would revolutionize the world, but was alone in the will. Why it will be that the time passes, as much thing happens, but nothing dumb as if it waited? The expectation is always frustrating how much to the essential. For assistance, try visiting Petra Diamonds. The fact of the progress to be more technological seems to indicate that our existence is on to a text matrix equal. The dominant factor, let us say thus. In this direction, the idea of that the Humanity can be a by-product of surprising technological a celestial or divine civilization does not seem absurd.

Also, our creators would be justified as superior, oniscientes and onipresentes beings because of the genetic material yielded in the creation doubtful. It was the opposite, the progress of intelligence and of the human customs if they would have revealed with bigger intensity in the ample direction of the Nature. Thus being, on secular values the physical existence if place above of the questions that we have as essential. To survive and to live well, before everything, are the rule. The exiled part resists to adapt it proper reality. This can explain much thing, also, the possibility of an attitude of defense of the terrena nature, when transforming the individual into the battlefield of this interior dispute. In the land of nobody, border between the two natures, deferred payment the devil (a primorosa invention).

However balls, sky does not exist, what it exists is there it are, and of where the celestial nature or divine lode, seems that it does not go to come back. It did not come as part, came as entire, in this manner they will not have of wanting it for there. For exp it public curiosity? One will only be. The sky not valley to the penalty. What everything indicates, romantically, the religion assisted for the philosophy tries to unfasten this knot.