HUMAN RESOURCES. In an area of human resources is one of its main pillars whose management is directly related to satisfaction and work environment that encourages and motivates employees to achieve compliance and business objectives with quality and excellence and in time becoming investments reality its corporate mission and vision. According to the vision, mission and objectives of the company, human resources manager organizes your area, preparing the manual of organization and functions, its organization, the rules of funds working documents for efficient and effective management. Usually in the organizational and human resources are sub areas: Personal, Service and Social Welfare, Education, Training, Compensation, Organizational Development, Medical Services, General Services, Community Relations. At present this is very important to provide knowledge management, the detection of collective intelligence and talents to improve the effectiveness of the objectives of the enterprise and logically to achieve better profits. At present with the addition of Web 2.0 companies have the challenge of how to use these applications Ernst to ensure that communication and knowledge become virtual interactive zero time to make better decisions Asset Management and achieve in the shortest time possible empresariales.La competitiveness of the objectives is measured in nanoseconds, time management is of paramount importance, saying “Do funds not leave for tomorrow what you can do today” has to be the daily bread of career trabajadores.La and it started to where we do mundial. ‘Is Where are we going’ Do we need ‘Optimism and talents should be directed harmoniously, the person must be a creator of symphonies, a conductor, an excellent motivator. “Contribution of David Terrones Isaac Cruz, Lima-Peru. Email: davterrones01 08/Diciembre 2008.11:15 am – Davterrones01 (talk) 16:16 8 December 2008 (UTC)

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