It may sound a little crazy, but yoga and running have a lot in common. Both require a lot of practice, dexterity, agility, stamina and a sophisticated individual breathing technique. Runners who practice yoga in addition, to develop even more sympathy for running. It is common for runners to complain about splinted bones, pulled muscles, aching knees and hips. Many of these runners, or probably even most do not set a sensible stretching to the very top of the list of priorities, on the contrary, consider it a waste of time. The supple, stretchy sports, however rarely or not at all hurt and benefit corresponding quantity of the combined running and stretching training, especially if they make the many benefits of yoga practice advantage. Runners mainly train the muscles of the leg muscles. In yoga, however, the entire body musculature is claimed, of which the runners can benefit, of course. Runnertend to be regarded as the sport of running a mission, as a struggle against the physical constraints of the body and the personal requirements to help themselves when practicing yoga, the union of body and mind quite definitely a runner with his ability to set goals to reach and to set personal best marks. The implementation of a yoga practice is not quite as easy as it looks, but requires a sound practice. Get hold of just the specialized yoga shop and a yoga mat to stay a course at the local yoga school and you will see that yoga can be just as taxing as a regular running workout to be. Who yoga as a healthy alternative, or complementary can be undone coss training for running, missed a great supporter of his career passion with many positive health aspects.