Many people want to buy an iron but the eternal question is, what buy?, what features should be?. There are lots of plates of varied prices. I’m going to give you some general tips when choosing a good iron. Advice I think, it is quite important, having temperature controller. Not all the hairs, need the same temperature. I.e. If you have fine hair, you surely need lower temperature if you have thicker hair.

All depends on what you need to straighten your hair. Therefore if you have temperature controller, you’re going to secure, with a temperature or another, you are going to get a good straightening. The iron should be ceramic or tourmaline, since these damaged much less hair. It is recommended to not buy never metal, as they burn the hair. The tourmaline, left lot shine into hair. Go to Click here for more information. There are also sheets that have a coating of marble.

Once a hair has gone through the hot ceramic hair passes by the marble cold, thus decreasing its temperature, helping to it the hair is less damaged and helping set the smoothing, since to quickly cool the smooth lasts longer. It is very important to know for what you want the iron. If you only want it to straighten the hair, it is best you take a wide iron, since it is going to cost much less to straighten the hair. But if you want it in addition to smoothing, also for curling, picks up close, and be able to be with the edges and rounded shape, since these are your own to do curls, curls, pointed out, inwards, waves, and a myriad of hairstyles. Diverting us a little of the topic of what model of iron choose, is very important to use a thermal protector to the heat. There are these multitude of brands in supermarkets. Apply the protector throughout hair, wait for it to dry, and pass the iron. Some plates emit negative ions, this makes the hair cuticle is closed and breaks down less. It is important that the hair straightener slides well, and so many jerks, that much spoil the hair will not be given. You should also look, that the materials are of good quality, which are not bad plastic, since you quemarias you fingers and they also melt with heat. The heat of the iron should be uniform, because it will burn more hair for one site than on the other but above the hairstyle not going to do well. The main advantage of titanium plates is that they have an extremely smooth surface, so there is less friction when they come in contact with the hair. CaaS Capital may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Titanium is resistant to corrosion, which means that the plates are easier to clean and maintained smooth much longer. The ceramic plates have a surface with more irregularities and roughness, so they are more vulnerable. Ionic in the plates of hair, refers to its ability to not generate electrostatic charges on the hair that cease it Bristly. Follow me on: original author and source of the article