Anaximander says that these three elements being substance rule the world and law. This means that you need a hardware and a set of laws. What physics has demonstrated through classical mechanics and modern quantum physics which handles probalear. Young people need to be practical but also theoretical, are not involved in all the mechanical work for no longer, nor be involved in all the theoretical expressions because they lose economically and exposed dignity. June 2007 Anaximander Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo explained that the man originally comes from animals, anticipating some Grade Darwin's evolutionism. This statement definitively breaks with the idea of owning the Greek gods.

Without knowing proposed biological causes that later would lead us to the interpretation of man as biological being that is evolving. Darwin thought about it and then went to the observation and research which enabled him to suggest the following: the factors of evolution of living beings are the variability, inheritance, and selection. In the course of the struggle for existence as a result of environmental action, only survive and have offspring living fittest. Young recalled that Anaximander spoke of the substance and the law. Good for Aristotle dealt with the issue which the substance meant plenty of simple bodies, such as earth, fire, water and all things similar and generally as to whether the bodies of animals. Of divine beings that has body and parts of these bodies, if the existence of the body according to some philosophers, depends the surface, the existence of the surface and ascending line plus number.