The presses consist in the branches of machines that the capacity possesss to mold the steel and to transform the rude substance into a part for the market. The presses are powerful and very highly peigosas machines. The hydraulical presses only exist that function automatically, setting in motion the button so that the hammer can press the steel and also the manual presses exist, that function setting in motion a pedal. The presses possess a force of the order of 500 tons. These machines of great transport obtain to press stands of hand, concrete trucks mixer, calderes among others. The lesser presses, that vary enter the 20 300 tons of pressure execute lesser parts. The presses do not possess a closed cycle as well as happen with the injector machines, the cycle of the presses is relative, and the productivity degree depends on the operator.

The presses function with a hydraulical called mechanism, where in the superior part the hammer is placed, that possesss the purpose to press the steel and the desired form is consequncia of the mold that meets in the inferior part called cushion of the press. In the steel mills the innumerable most serious accidents happen: amputation of hands and arms. A light incautiousness can be fatal, therefore the operator has the misfortune to underneath place the steel plate of the hammer, making with that its hands and arms are displayed to the danger. To believe very the protection of a machine is to risk the luck to the wind, the presses possess advanced prointentions to prevent worse with who are operating, but the lack of attention and the distraction can cause serious consequncias. To the operators of these machines they must be cliente, that hands and arms are not born one second time..