Getting to say, the monitor – a personal technique. Yes, you can for a moment – another split his place at the monitor with someone, and show video or photos, but to work together or, worse, play as a monitor – it is unlikely. Therefore, when you choose for themselves the monitor, you first of all, choose your personal equipment for work or entertainment. Series HD monitors from BenQ company has already shown his entire grandeur and deserved the most unquestionable authority. Series HDA, while maintaining all the advantages of the previous series, has become even more accessible by small concessions in the design of monitors and reduce the number of connectors.

However, the most important thing is that the monitor has remained the same all the LCD – the matrix, made by TN technology and a resolution of 1920×1080. Changed, though not much purpose series monitors HDA. Now the manufacturer has positioned them as personal entertainment centers, but agree that using an adapter D-Sub – DVI-I and the appropriate cable, you can easily connect the monitor and to the modern powerful video card, and a network media player and other sources. The adapter is D-Sub – Component Video "will give you the opportunity to watch any permission from all sources. BenQ is a pioneer in the field of cinema monitors with a resolution matrix, and today almost all manufacturers of these visualization tools are creating displays with 16:9 format. This theatrical aspect ratio monitor is justified as the use of it to watch movies, and for computer games. That's for the games were often used as a Full HD resolution work. It is also connected with the spread of the operating system Windows Vista, which is known to be "imprisoned" under the resolution widescreen monitors. Display size 24-inch monitor is not very common in our country, but he says the trend to increase the size of the screen.