Everything indicates that the so-called opposition has no or the most remote chance of winning that query. Firstly, because dictatorship does not lose elections. It is second place because all conditions are, absolutely all of them, that the Government would be left with 75 per cent of the Assembly and oppositionist blockbuster faces that we will present will make the same histrionic and paper facade that now we can. Opinion columnists cry out for the perfect unity, meanwhile, again faking reality, selling the so-called unit as a panacea when in truth no it is more than an empty shell, a flatulent odorous air. Meanwhile, Antonio Ledezma walks around asking for money to shame our – for activities that is not capable of performing and Europe taking photos in what is nothing more than a preparation, a varnish outside, an opinion in the face, a makeup of presidential candidate. That is the only thing of interest to Mr Ledezma. His Adviser of Foreign Affairs Milos Alcalay, who few days before the carmonazo He called his colleagues diplomats to talk about the virtues of the revolution and the day in which his beloved regime fell rushed to catch up that supposed incoming Government, order – the flips are paid – has become the large operator in the guise of Ledezma as presidential. Of course that will not be the path of militant abstention and its consequences.

It is already described because not. The emaciated jugadores would do anything as displaying the buttocks, as they managed at the time to reduce the student hunger strike paseillo to the Foreign Ministry to deliver a horrific document-by having its members making floats to the democratic image of the regime, which the regime appreciates with abundance. They Iran elections without exerting any resistance, without protest, without taking action of any kind, without demanding fair conditions, without even making opposition that exceeds the statements in the media. It should be noted that these parliamentary elections are extremely dangerous. Its outcome may be sung the the 2012 election that Chavez would win dead of laughter. If that is what you get and the country does not react as an enraged tsunami and take to the basket of trash at these imitations of leaders, because it would mean that the country does not exist.