This short article aims to answer the greater possible amount of questions on the emoticons for Facebook to those persons who are unaware or are researching the topic. In addition to developing information related to the topic, like its origins, functions, installation process, advantages, among other points. The smilies are defined as small dynamic graphic applications (sometimes also contain sound) that have function to complement the written texts that are sent by the main digital media, these are: social networks primarily, instant messaging programs and traditional emails. The creation of these graphics applications have several decades, they began to use mass since the early 1990s when cellular mobile telephones and computers start arriving en masse at home to millions of people. In recent years, and thanks to social networks emerged the emoticons for Facebook, with a wide range of figures fun and entertaining. Now it has been thanks to its ease of use, diversity of options for sending figures graphics, etc. The smileys for Facebook are the latest and most modern utility that has been given to this type of applications, within this social network are used in the following ways: through the instant chat which is located on the corner of the page, the private and public messages on the wall of each profile. His popularity has grown since it breaks with the routine only send text, also figure graphic sent can be easily associated with a feeling of joy or fun: happy faces by removing the tongue, squinting one eye, smiling, giving a kiss, as well as objects of reality and imagination.

Among the advantages that you can purchase to install the emoticons for Facebook to your computer (computer) are: customization of messages to attach figures that complement the written text, automation of images with a single click, now won’t need to memorize you combinations so the emoticons appear as with the faces that come by default in this social network. Within the chat, to be instant and personal, at the time of writing is advisable to send from time to time during the conversation some of the emoticons for Facebook, since in this way the person who receives the messages will get a good impression of the original and funny it may be that talk, that it is visually appealing and elegant. The installation process of the smilies is quite simple and should not take more than a few minutes, you only have to download the main application page, close any web browser that you are using, run the program by clicking on it and expect to complete the process, once it is done, it is recommended that fits your preferences. Finally, we recommend that you download and install the emoticons to Facebook, you’ll be happy you and will see you recommend it to friends and other contacts that you have on list. It is free, only used by millions of users from different countries and endorsed by international companies of software as a product of quality.