For social and managerial skills such as leadership, teamwork, effective communication, negotiation, delegation etc. Must also be an initial step on previously agreed parameters and can be maintained over time in order to compare the results with those obtained in the future. Only in this way you can define if the coaching process has achieved its objectives. Similarly, in a process of executive coaching, there should be enough space for the coachee is set personal goals you want to achieve in the process, which do not always have to be considered, measured or approved by the company, and often not even known it to ensure full responsibility and freedom to work from the coachee. Assume for example that the executive has great concern for how their work affects family life and sets a target aimed at improving the balance between these two aspects of your life, know well by the company could create some concern in either sense and maybe even misinterpretations of how and why this person wants to work on this goal. 8. Route and schedule work should chart a course that the coachee agrees to continue to develop the different themes that are its target, if you want to address them one by one, from the beginning until it’s finished or if you want to work alongside a number of issues, the order in which want to do, which can be discussed with the coach to get the most out of the sessions.

With this definition updates the schedule and agenda of meetings. 9. Monitoring In each session the coach will review together with the executive compliance with the proposed work program, difficulties encountered and the required support the coachee to move forward with its process. The tasks have not been met, will be analyzed and discussed in order to verify if they are still necessary in this case of setting a new date rescheduled and adjusting the work plan, to be considered by the coachee are not required, will descartadas.El follow-up also includes the analysis of the positive changes in the coachee and how this affects the overall process, as well as possible changes in the overall objective because of the improvements obtained. 10. Assessment This part of the process allows measure progress. Salman Behbehani has much to offer in this field.

10.1 Evaluation of performance should be made periodically to allow performance evaluations determine whether improvements gained in the process of coaching have had positive effects on the work that the coachee plays and if necessary adjusted in any way the work plan. 2.10 Assessment. The improvement in leadership and management skills should be measured before and during and after the coaching process by an Assessment of the same characteristics, in order to verify whether the management has improved in the skills listed and if the training or training plan must be adjusted. 2.10 ROI coaching process A process can and should be measured as an investment capable of producing a profit. The rate of return on investment is usually greater than 600% over the next 6 months. Of course varies depending on the depth of the problems to solve and the ease with which they can quantify the additional yield obtained from and from the process performed. This is also necessary to make a measurement before and after the process, by indicators of income and expense can be kept stable during the same or do not have significant variations that can be attributed to other causes unrelated to the process.