Cheerfulness and mood can be obtained from the energetic music. Turn on your favorite, windup music and you will see that things will get much more fun. Also, to clean the apartment apart for some time For example, one hour or two, and put yourself in that you have at this time to meet. This setup is also very helpful to concentrate. And then you started to work … To reduce the time and at the same time to facilitate their efforts you can do in parallel by several things.

Where to start? Of course, everyone has their own priorities, but it is best to pay attention to the most 'unpleasant' places, which, however, are considered "a person the mistress' – a kitchen, bathroom and WC. The kitchen sink plug and soak the dishes in hot water, add dishwashing liquid. Why? Otmoknuv dishes wash off very quickly. Meanwhile, wipe the stove tops, doors, cabinets, refrigerator. Clean inside cabinets all the extra pots and pans, which create a feeling of clutter. It remains to quickly rinse the dishes – and the kitchen is almost fully intact. In the bathroom let go of the shower hot water, close door, let the bathroom filled with steam, because after exposure to a pair of dirt is removed quickly. Sink, tub and toilet, handle special detergents.

After a few minutes and wipe off the water with a sponge all surface. Dusty bottles and tubes put into the lockers (they can do when it is time for more thorough cleaning.) If you're expecting guests, choose two or three bottles in one color and make a composition. Well, if the color of towels and soap will also match the tone of accessories. Put a bar of soap in a new bar of soap, which always looks more beautiful than the remnant. Jump to the room. Most time is spent on unfolding of things scattered in places. If there is no time at all, take a basket or large bag and gather them in scattered books, cosmetics and other small items. And in places all unfold later, when the free minute. Now pull out the vacuum cleaner. Many perceive this technology as an extra step of trying to save money and time on it. However, in practice, for effective cleaning it is necessary because the vacuum cleaner collects invisible dust, but also different other debris. Walk quickly vacuumed the carpet and floors, adjust the pillows, blankets, towels. Wipe off dust, paying particular attention to the panels of household appliances, which it accumulates as a result of static electricity. If there is plants, refresh them and at the same time wash away the dust, sprinkling them with an atomizer. Now almost everything is ready for wet cleaning. Before you wash the floors, Pay attention to the glass and mirrored surfaces. If they do not shine, and the more they have spots, flat does not look tidy. Sprinkle them spray for washing windows, wipe with a dry cloth. In order not to waste time peredviganie furniture, lift chairs and anything that can be raised, and begin to clean the floors. This can be done very quickly, if everything is already prepared. Remember that usually the most dust accumulates under the panels and along the skirting. We hope that the cleaning of apartments now turn to you in unchallenging and exciting. The main thing is that after her apartment – clean, that will delight and your household, and you.