Because employee assessments are critical to your organization? Evaluations of employees and organizational climate surveys are instrumental in all organizations. Even today, many companies do not act based on the importance of evaluations. If you do not make evaluation today in day, it is possible that this ignoring an essential part of the growth of your business. People are the cost and the asset most important in your organization! For more information, visit survey organizational climate. What are the benefit of doing evalucaion to employees and employee satisfaction surveys: 1.

for various reasons, you must identify the best employees for your organization. (a) so you can reward them! The recmpensas show other employees the qualities you value as a business owner. (b) maybe even more importantly, tells the employee that you are realizing this level of work and appreciate it. Reward gives them satisfaction and makes them more likely to repeat a good performance. 2. Identify the weakness of individuals, of each team and the company as a whole. (a) If an individual knows their weaknesses may work to correct them.

Most people prefer to know that must improve. (b) If a person is extremely weak can this position or the wrong field. (c) knowing the weakness of his team and the company level is a powerful knowledge. Now you can start using it. 3. To identify training needs. Mount training programs for targeting certain weaknesses, to each team or company. 4. Identify situations within the company in terms of environment, attitudes and company policies. About author: Otalento provides customers an efficient solution in human capital technology to increase the productivity of employees at an attractive price to contribute with its bottom line. For more information, visit.