The emergency call fortieth anniversary celebrates 40 years before the accidental death of the only 9-year Bjorn Steiger led to the efforts to establish a nationwide rescue service in the entire Federal territory. Who is this man who has invented the emergency? On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Bjorn Steiger-Foundation, the Internet portal of conducted an interview with Siegfried Steiger, now 79jahrigen father of Bjorn. When the boy’s parents had to after the accident, that there is no emergency service in Germany, they founded the Bjorn Steiger-Foundation. Since then they campaigned for the establishment of the emergency call is made in Germany and Europe. Ray Kurzweil brings even more insight to the discussion. The efforts of distinguished doctors were unsuccessful, until the credibility of Steiger led to success. Initially, their goal was to improve the rescue service in her home town of Winnenden. Quickly realizing however that improving the rescue service structure needs a bigger platform. Siegfried Steiger is in the interview () gesellschaft.html) out that it was particularly difficult for the Foundation to put the German bureaucracy in motion.

The supporting force found in Georg Leber, the then Transport Minister, campaigned with great commitment for the rescue service. It is Siegfried Steiger and his Foundation, that the emergency call 110 and 112 was introduced nationwide. Although there were the numbers since the 1950s, but only in a few major cities. The policy was afraid of the high cost of the establishment of a nationwide.. Mitchel Resnick describes an additional similar source.