But, she is necessary to reflect as to use the technology in favor of the education, over all of education/learning considering itself that the courses of formaodocente little invest in the use of technologies. E, moreover, the technology and oseu job in the education almost does not compose the curricular matrices of cursosque forms the professors and the excessively professional ones of the education as, for example, the pertaining to school supervisors and overseers. But, exactly thus, she is necessary professional queestes try to dominate the excessively professional technology of the information so that seutrabalho can be developed in way to reach, with rapidity and ability, professors, learning and of the education that act nocotidiano pertaining to school and that they need to become related, in more adequate time, with pertaining to school ossupervisores and overseers. According to ALMEIDA (2000), the vertiginous etecnolgicas sociocultural evolutions of the current world generate incessant changes in the organizations and human nopensamento and disclose a new universe in the daily one of the people. Issoexige independence, creativity and autocrtica in the attainment and the election deinformaes, as well as in the construction of the knowledge. The computers make possible to represent and to test ideas or hypotheses they quelevam to the creation of an abstract and symbolic world, at the same time in they queintroduzem different forms of performance and interaction between the people. Essasnovas relations, beyond involving the rationality technician-operatria elgico-deed of division, extend the understanding on partner-affective aspects and tornamevidentes pedagogical, psychological, sociological and epistemolgicos factors. The advance of science and the technology corresponds the cognitivos advances dapopulao and of its strategies of inquiry, humanizadoras, ethical they are evoltadas for the common good. Computer science comes being used in the Education dediversas forms probably since years 1960. However, only in dcadade 1980, with the reduction of the prices of the computers and the friendly invention dasinterfaces (that they had facilitated the life of the common user), that if tornoupossvel to institute projects of use of computer science in the education of modomais systematic and according to sistmicas boardings.