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The city went through a period of economic decline at the end of the last century, with the closure of the mines original. That ended in 2001 when Foxpoint Resources (now Kirkland Lake Gold Inc or KLG) have bought five of granting mining in the town and began intensive work of exploration. KLG resurrected with the success of the local mining scene, the search for new areas of mineralization that, combined with the steady increase in gold prices, turned around the city. [Edit] Today, Kirkland Lake is probably one of the most successful communities of its size in northern Ontario. Some of the most recent developments include:
Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd continues to expand its operations. Since December 2002, the company confirmed gold reserves have increased by 160% to 2,022,000 tons with an average of 0.46 ounces per ton with a total of 927,000 ounces of gold. In 2003, the company began a $ 21 million, 3-year exploration program to the addition of a new 15000000 tons of ore reserves and resources. Currently, more than 500 people are directly or indirectly working in the mine.
Based on the resources today, the mine has a life span 12-15 years. A recently announced $ 16 million in expansion of its exploration activities is already paying dividends. The mine recently announced the discovery of the richest veins of ore ever found in the history of the camp of Kirkland Lake, a measure that significantly increase the useful life of the mine.
While the forest industry has been hit hard throughout Canada, the impact on Kirkland Lake has been blunted by the conversion of existing Tembec’s Forest Products Group Kenogami sawmill into a center for value-added products for manufacturing finger united timber. The new center, located on the outskirts of KL, opened in July 2006. They are used between 70 and 92 workers. Under an innovative public-private partnerships, the town is working with Rosko Forestry Operations establish a sawmill in the specialty Archer Drive Industrial Park to be sold in the Canadian market.
The local tourist industry has provided a much-needed depth to the local economy. Star attractions include the Museum of History in the North Sir Harry Oakes Chateau, the stunning beauty of the memory of the miners, and Hockey Heritage North (18,000 square feet interactive installation that tells the history of hockey in the north) . The next attractions include a remodeling of the historic Toburn Headframe. Event-based tourism is also strong. Some of the most popular points out the friction includea event in the summer and a cross-national racing event in the winter abs snow.
The prospects for an expansion of the City of white-collar work are excellent. Two new secondary schools, as well as a long-term care facility, medical center and a new promise to make more attractive the community of professionals in the fields of medicine and education. Veterans Affairs Canada is also increasing its customer service operations. The local office has become the first office of services for the more than 100,000 customers throughout central and eastern Canada.
These good news are complemented by a series of regional events will have a positive impact, because KL is the economic center of northern Temiskaming District, and therefore the main supplier of goods, persons and services to regional activities. For example:
The steady increase in the price of gold has brought a number of other mining projects at the feasibility stage. Queenston Mining Inc. announces promising results in his Upper Beaver Properties. all I want to do is off my abs Northgate Minerals has poured more than $ 20 million in exploration work and continues to pursue mining operations at its Young-Davidson property near Matachewan. According to the company, this site has the potential to produce 150,000 ounces of gold per year over a decade. Besides, is nearest in line due to the exploration of mineral Discover Abitibi program.
St Andrew Goldfields began production at the Holloway-Holt Gold Mine Complex, near Matheson in the second quarter of 2007. The mine has a prevision in the rate of production 75000-100000 ounces of gold per year over the next seven years, and will employ over 100 people.
Tres-Or Resources Ltd continued return high quality results for its diamonds
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