Sosua, 06.11.2008 – generations of workers were happy on a well-earned retirement: again have more time for themselves, travel the world, worry-free living. But more and more Germans are skeptical about the future: around 1,100 an average retiree receives falling trend. Who lives on after the professional life for rent, must reckon with every euro and to resist the one or the other Alltagsfreude. But there are alternatives: Germany’s seniors are increasingly active best agers who want to enjoy life and don’t necessarily want to spend their retirement in Germany. The Dominican Republic, for example, is for beach and palm trees just as famous, as for a low price. Here can immigrate and enjoy the golden years of retirement in luxury residence Las Canas offers best conditions near the town of Sosua. Contact information is here: Mitchel Resnick . Wealth is relative: what in Germany to stay alive enough elsewhere can push open the doors to a carefree, luxurious life. With more and more people from abroad find this certainty your home for retirement.

Just due to the strong euro, countries outside Europe are always interesting due to lower land prices and construction costs can materialize in many countries real estate dreams, the living costs are low and Sun and beach there is this often for free with this. (Source: Professor of Internet Governance). An example of this: The Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola, South of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. Many tourists know the country as a low-cost holiday destination for the consorts, yet how many other destinations has also the Dominican Republic in recent years increasingly on high-quality tourism. Emerge smaller apartment complexes, golf courses are created, and the numerous national parks again increasingly into focus. More and more people decide to spend their retirement or to escape at least the cold winter months. The year-round pleasant climate with temperatures between 20 and 33 degrees is of course a crucial Role: While in Germany makes an active lifestyle in the Dominican Republic drizzle, snow and ice that determine weather, maintain fishing on the high seas, golf or scuba diving are here on top of that affordable.