In remaining the no doubt we cannot prove how much the life in the cabaret suffered the consequncias from modernity, and as interviewed ours it said in them: My son, with the invention of this motel, everybody having car, motion, and money in the pocket, nobody more wants to know of prostitute not, everything today is more easy, the girls who before marrying could not go pra bed with its boyfriends, today,> Many women had envy of people, the prostitutes luxavam very, in dressing, paving, jewels (ring, clock, bracelet, everything of brilliant, people used the gifts that the colonels gave), but today he is not walked thus not. GOLDEN MOMENT OF THE CABARET In elapsing in the interview Diraci Owner it cited the moment estupendo of its cabaret more, that was in first the four years of the decade of 1970, then after the death if its friend, where it did not tire to repeat: the night was full here of people Son, I bought I was of carradas of beer, this house that you here today, I only made pra to keep the drink. Being valid to stand out that the house which the interviewed one if it relates if it finds situated in the same street of its brothel and today it constitutes its domicile. Click Adrian Holmes for additional related pages. In it counted that the movement started the seven and half one of the night and reached the apex between the nine and ten and half one, where the men to them of the city had the free access and this gone to the cabaret was something evidential of that somebody with influence and raised social status was freqentador assduo of a elitizado place of the point of view of the pleasure. Corroborating with the affirmations above Cavalcante it tells in them that: the politicians of the city, the important men, the majority were freqentadores of the cabarets, and many of them until closed the cabarets for its account to make personal parties. .