The validity of using the welding generator. Beginning the week were no signs nor any complications. But our bosses had their own vision on Monday. It all began with Matins planning meeting at our gallant Chop. Chief cheerful voice announced that we have an order from a client to capture and hold his office, from which he was expelled limitless competition. The client claimed that all documents he needs and the rightful owner of it literally Data Recovery Tools for Week of justice. Doing nothing will gather and prepare to storm the dashing and heroic at least sitting in the beleaguered office. The only thing that pleased us opposed to the usual half board staff recruited from the surrounding areas on a rotational basis.

To stop our forces and fusion technology, the assault group was made up of sportsmen, melee and retired Special Forces soldiers, they just were not able to. The assault took place nominally somnolent guards really did not even realize that they prozoshlo.V few minutes brave boys have been placed in the regional on the floor in a chaotic sequence with a crocked scotch hands. And yet after about half an hour were outside the office, crowding the windows and nervously smoking. We began the second phase of the event, securing the premises of the office. We had all zabarikodirovat means of access to premises in the including several hatches leading into the basement. Suddenly, as usual for no reason started to have problems, we managed to de-energize. . Prishlost ask for help from our technicians, they arrived an hour and a welding generator Europower EP250XE and an hour later we can be knocked out of office only with the use of heavy machinery. By the way it turned out that the generator can be used as a conventional diesel generator, now cold and dark we just did not run