How is the treatment of the "Cyber Knife" Treatment "Cyber Knife" conducts team, which involves a multidisciplinary approach. As with any radiation therapy, this treatment begins with the planning process, which need to scan the patient in the computer and mr imaging. When brain irradiation for patients preparing a mask, similar to tulle (practically not felt on the face). The irradiation of tumor localization on a body of applied rentgenkontrastnye identification signs. The data is then Radiological enter into the "cyber knife", where the processing computer with two processors. A doctor with the help of special software is the treatment plan, taking into account the desired dose and configuration of the tumor.

After drawing up a plan of treatment, the patient arrives at the center for treatment. Treatment of "Cyber Knife" – is an outpatient procedure (1-5 sessions of therapy). The duration of each session is 30-90 min. Treatment takes place in a comfortable environment (the patient is placed on a convenient table for treatment around silently and smoothly move the "hand" robotic systems "Cyber Knife". If you schedule a few sessions, then patient returns at regular intervals – once every 2-5 days – to continue the procedures. Some patients have minor side effects from radiation – nausea, general malaise, but they go through a week or two after treatment. Disadvantages of treatment "Cyber Knife" effect of the treatment "stretched" in time, first signs of improvement may appear within 2-3 months. Some tumors disappear very slowly or just stop growing (Control mri and ct scans are conducted every six months).