Cryptology or cryptography and cryptanalysis is very important for us, but also for large companies in today’s Internet age. Terms such as: digital signatures, identification protocols, cryptographic hash functions are, only a few are, for us to ensure that our data is securely encrypted and especially fly through the ether. But what cryptography means at all? From the translation of the word cryptology we come to the realization that cryptology is the art of hiding or concealing, as Kryptos, “hidden” and logos = doctrine means. It must be noted that the cryptography is really just a collective term for the two sub cryptanalysis and cryptography. This is the very old and cryptography, for example, was used as early as 1900 BC by the Egyptians, so not everyone knew what was written there.

In summary, we can say that the cryptography deals with creating and implementing cryptographic algorithms, while the Cryptanalysis is the counterpart to this, and tests cryptographic algorithms on their safety. You will notice already that the cryptology and cryptography and cryptanalysis are almost inconceivable without. Not only for individuals who can run through this process somewhat calmer critical actions in the Internet, such as online banking or something similar, and for companies that need to be careful, this is not strictly confidential, fall so easily to the public the Cryptology is the only means which ensures this. ready after more and more applications on the Internet, more and more data get lost in the virtual Cybernet, cryptology is increasingly coming into the center and will play in the coming years, an increasingly important role.