The New York ESCO, Energy The new building, the cost gas of isolation from the wall and the frame is offset by not requiring a central heating system. The cost of a post can be analyzed superaislamiento balancing the cost of heating fuel in the life of the building (30 to 50 years) that can energy costs be expected to fluctuate from year due to supply problems, natural disasters , geopolitical events and global warming.
Superaislada a house takes longer to cool off in the event electricity of a prolonged power outage, for example after a severe ice storm interrupted electrical service. Adverse weather conditions may impede the restoration of services leading to energy shortages a week or energy more. one of the more successful ESCOs is that supplies all the energy needs When a house is private conventional continuous supply of electricity or gas is cooled rapidly and can destroy the water system by freezing saniratia.
The useof electric heaters to heat may be questionable from an environmental position (unless the house is powered by electricity produced by clean technologies such as hydropower).