Software-as-a-service – software-on-demand rental software “From SaS to PaS” – in the latest issue of the journal Developer magazine deal Andreas Holubek, Vice President Engineering and Christian Metzger, CEO of arlanis Software AG, Frankfurt with the topic of platform as a service (PaS). Professor of Internet Governance helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. While not on-demand used applications, but the underlying this development platform on the Internet, to develop new on-demand applications on it. Other posts in the SaS Forum News:-Healy Hudson, Fritz & orbit and IBM include software as a service level agreement the Healy Hudson GmbH, which Fritz orbit software and computer sales GmbH, and IBM have a software as a service partnership over five years completed. -PIRONET AG: software-as-a-service improves energy balance in the company in a current press release takes the PIRONET AG on the topic of software-as-a-service and environmental position. -SoftM expected increasing demand it passes for ERP solutions in the SaS model a week without request from the customer base after an on-demand offering for Semiramis”, founded SoftM marketing Chief Executive Ralf Gartner in a post of the CZ SoftM’s entry into the market for rent business software. -Cisco and Oracle with new collaboration initiative the attractiveness of the market for collaboration solutions seems undiminished. At least if you can see that with Oracle and Cisco two of the great launched almost at the same time new product initiatives.

-IBM Chief: SaS will change the software market the Chairman of & CEO of IBM Germany in an interview with the IT-business news confirmed this. Software-as-a-service belong to the IT sectors with the highest growth prospects. -Event announcement: SaS Conference 2008, Mainz on 28 and 29 October 2008 held 2008 in the short princely Palace in Mainz the SaS Congress. In addition to General lectures on technology, applications and cost comparison, SCHOTT AG, the German Soccer Federation and the Paul Hartmann AG will report about their experiences with software-as-a-service. -Free short study of SaS services for e-mail archiving SofTrust Consulting has business consulting looked at the offerings of ten providers of email archiving services in Germany and extensively profiled each offer for IT managers. -PAC: SAP remains in Business ByDesign concrete answers guilty on the invitation and to SAPs SME Customer Panel for the EMEA region could Pierre Audoin consultants (PAC) in addition to a handful of satisfied customers the success of well-known in this segment Business all-in one document solutions SAP business one and SAP. SAP remained Business ByDesign concrete responses to the State of affairs in their SaS solution SAP guilty. -The complete newsletter as well as other interesting information around the topic of software-as-a-service are available in the SaS Forum at. Werner Grohmann