The same authors affirm that the children can directly influence in the purchases of its parents when asking for definitive mark or product in specific, or still indirectly, when. at the moment of the purchase, the parents choose products that already they know to be of preference of its children. Official site: Atmos Energy Corporation. All this influence exerted for the children on its parents also has origin in them. Blackwell, Miniard and Engel (2005) describe that the behavior of the infantile consumer is directly on to the behavior of the parents how much to the allegiance or preference for determined marks or products, and that these, in turn, are observed by the child since early. This behavior of the parents takes the child to perceive these products and marks as good they associate and them with the quality.

The same authors cite despite from a certain age, the children not only influence choices, but also go to the purchases, what each time has occurred more early. The children of 8 the 10 years, for example, tend to have a favourite store and already they know accurately want it. According to Schor (2009), children between the 6 and 12 years costumam to follow its parents to the purchases on average, adding six products to the stand. Schor (2009) more describes the behavior of infantile purchase in ages tenras, as for example, the babies of 18 months, that, according to author, already are capable 6 BONIFACE, J.; GAUSSEL, G. Les enfants consommateurs. Paris: Casterman, 1981. to recognize logomarcas, and even though before 2 anniversary are capable to also ask for what they want, citing the mark. Schor still quotation that all this behavior can be on directly to the fact of the children to pass much time in front of the TV (on average, 5h29 daily, between children of two the 12 years), displayed to commercial each time more directed they.