Then the woman, who wise person what she had happened to it, fearing and tremendous, came close itself, and prostrou itself ahead of it, and said all to it the truth. it said to it: Son, to your saved you faith; she goes in peace, and she is cured of this yours mal.' ' Landmarks 5:24 – 34 the Biblical story of the woman of the blood flow: the faith of it is it saved that it! It heard to speak of Jesus, exactly with all the discrimination that it suffered for being hemorrhagic, it touched in Jesus and the faith of it cured when it took that attitude! Nothing does not advance not to have agreement, seno its faith cannot function. He is not more ' ' religioso' ' , he is not more ' ' fantico' ' , therefore to these it is lacking the genuine faith: it is who makes the difference! To touch in Jesus in the ones backwards Its Saint virtue and we have Its Saint to be able acting in us! Some trivialities can until trying to take off the person of the church, but nothing it can separates it of the love of God and alone its faith is capable to make this! All our idle word will be judged: what you walk speaking, confessing, she is what she goes to happen to it, therefore it reflects its faith in action! It asks for a miracle in the marriage, but it only complains, despaired? This attitude of failure plays all its faith for land and opens the door enemy it to bagunar everything, more still! Part pardon the God, prays of new, moors the devil and the maintenance of its confession in the daily one will so bring the waited miracle in its life! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarini email: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '..