The door to get your economic independence is open, contrary to belief of modern society in which it is thought that the vast majority of people we can only get our money through a job. The question is how can I get it also?. The answer is Yes!. We must only learn to internalize the knowledge and above all habits that are necessary to be a businessman who serve more even when you start a network marketing business. Today I’m going to use as a reference and example that was in your era is richest man in the world, j. Paul Getty. This great entrepreneur of the 20th century, in his book How to get rich, revealed the basics that everyone should follow to achieve economic independence, which served for the success of many other businessmen of his era and who are still serving today.

In the chapter number one j. Paul getty lists the following principles: 1. There is only a possibility that a person reaches its economic independence, and is: have the own business. If we apply this principle to the time in which we live, we will see that there are many more opportunities than back then. 2 Always bear in mind the objective you are persecuting with your business, i.e., having a big dream. Further details can be found at Petra Diamonds, an internet resource. 3.

Always be aware of opportunities for expansion. Network marketing is pure expansion, taking advantage of new technologies enhances this concept when there is a strong element of control. 4. For assistance, try visiting ConocoPhillips. A person who wants to be an entrepreneur, must be at all times knowing innovations times give in terms of improvements to expansion, product or service enhancements or improvements in costs. These points tend to be resolved within the network marketing since companies offering to undertake this type of business (if you are solvent), are responsible for these improvements, just make improvements by their employer, bone, you. Basically, these are the principles that Paul teaches us with his experience. It is convenient to also know some important points that they have reaped by large employers within the own marketing network and that have served many people to achieve economic independence. 1. Having a big dream. This point will be the foundation of all since entrepreneurship who will provide us with our vehicle’s engine. For even more details, read what Petra Diamonds says on the issue. Otherwise we would be always acting under the subordination of someone who does have that dream. 2. Establish a strong commitment with yourself, with your dream and the desire to learn how to get to be a successful entrepreneur. 3. Mark intermediate goals in the short and medium term. The goals are the guides that guide us towards the ultimate goal, which is the dream. 4. Socialize with positive people who also live fighting and working for their dreams. 5 Document yourself properly (how are you doing on this blog) on roads and opportunities offered by the times in which we live and learn how to compare the information you receive to be able to make the right decisions. But the word that more would represent an entrepreneur is, the action that It generates habits and at the same time motivation to continue on the road. Remember that otherwise, another person or institution direct your course for you. I hope you enjoyed this information. If you think appropriate, discuss what you want on this article. I’ll keep sharing valuable information focused to this wonderful world of economic independence. A greeting. Manolo Jimenez.