The perfect friendship is ' ' that one between the good and mutually similar individuals in virtue substance, this because these friends if equally desire the alien property in the quality of good and are good in itself same. However, they are those that want the good of its friends for its friends who are friends in felt fuller, since they love for they themselves and not acidentalmente' ' . Therefore, in the concept of perfect friendship, the individuals of the relation do not see the other as a mere instrument for the reach of determined purpose, either the profit or the interest, the utility or the immediate pleasure, not. It has friendship here for the simple fact to have love and affection, reciprocal considered (from there the idea of filia in strict direction), directed by the consideration not of some quality or advantage that the other people’s individual can provide, but by the proper essence of this, the proper way and way of each one being, it is that it will have the relation of perfect friendship. In the true friendship, above-mentioned, the individual that lack of good and the individual that it sketches good will exchange themselves, in the direction of that, the most needed it will look for to share of its, exactly that few, good with what it makes look like to possess more. The first individual shares good that the other does not possess, is corporeal properties or incorporeal, and the other, of reciprocal form filling the decurrent gaps of the inaquality, takes care of to this demand. This fact occurs unconsciously, and voluntarily.

It is here that the elements of the proportionality become visible, therefore, with this mutual cooperation, both will be under the same equality foot, being able therefore, to have justice. Then, it is concluded that the happy man needs friends, and also needs to be just. The happiness, the well human greater, is the main liame between these two concepts, and exactly thus, these concepts does not leave by its very nature of being correlatos, therefore each one, friendship and justice, justice and friendship, possess other people’s and similar elements. In justice it will have friendship and in the friendship, justice will meet. Justice understood here as the idea of equality with proportionality bias and mediania.

Already the great Athenian lyric poet said, Tegnis (sc. IV a.C), ' ' in Justice if somada&#039 finds all the virtue; ' , and I include the friendship here as one of the essential elements for the lawsuit of the well human greater, the happiness. Bibliography Base: ARISTOTLE. Ethics the Nicmaco. Translation, texts you add and notes Edson Bini. 2 Ed. So Paulo: Edipro, 2007.