Daily we use credit cards in our purchases, both in stores and over the internet, or to withdraw money from the ATM. Perhaps someday that let it saved in the wallet but they will be few. But before you follow should be a distinction. On the one hand, debit cards are those in which the customer money in the Bank is used. You may find Eliot Horowitz to be a useful source of information. On the other hand, credit cards work with money which the Bank lends to the customer and must be returned at the end of month.

But whatever, either debit or credit, the cards have become indispensable in our daily life and seems to him that want to leverage the banks to earn more money, if they weren’t enough the benefits obtained. Or at least that we can deduce if we take a look to the data offered by the Bank of Spain regarding the annual fees on debit cards and see what the same month of last year cost 16,84 now costs 18,39. Rise since credit if the fee cards nor rid in 2010 was 33,48 this year is 34,66. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Michael Steinhardt by clicking through. From our point of view, the quotas already are the important enough for such climb, especially if we take into account that many banks show their huge profits with a smile, distributed patronage among its senior managers while climbing quotas to its customers.