Baby massage is nothing like massage for adults, so we now dwell in more detail in its main features and variations. First of all, agree that the term 'baby massage' is meant for massage children in the first year of life. Such a young age, the patient has high requirements for massage therapist, because the body baby back to the early development and is easy to perceive all the external influences, as to treatment, and false, which may do serious harm. That is why, before carry her baby for a massage, make sure you are qualified masseur. Baby massage itself consists of two main direction – relaxing massage and invigorating massage. By execution of baby massage techniques are very similar to the classical massage. And if that is the technique of execution, as a rule, the masseurs are no problems, then proper use of its handle is not all. A situation where in one session is necessary to apply both relaxing and invigorating massage, having a child often enough.

This condition is called dystonia, that is, uneven tone. An experienced massage therapist will be able to understand the situation, but the beginning, unfortunately, not always. Meanwhile, bring back to normal muscle tone helps to restore normal nervous system, which is the main purpose of massage for babies first year of life. For slightly older children can select another group of problems – these are different disorders of posture and scoliosis. Under these diseases of the muscles also have a different tone, some are stretched, while others are too relaxed.

Masseur, acting on them, can remedy this situation, normalizing muscle tone, which in turn leads to a correction posture. Another serious childhood disorders is rickets, caused by a violation of phosphorus-calcium metabolism leading to sagging muscles. Massage and in this case may be invaluable service. It can not only prevent disease, but cure is already starting curve. Now let us consider the basic principles of baby massage session. No matter how strange it may seem, but for the baby massage is a serious burden. So do not prolong the session and bring the baby to a state of fatigue. The next element that needs your attention, is a painless massage techniques. Baby massage should be no pain. Your baby can not tell you about their feelings, so be sure to watch for his reaction to the action of massage your problem. If the baby is crying and raskapriznichalsya, the session should be terminated because he had no good will not bring. Conduct a session baby massage should not be a hungry child, because he is likely to be cranky and crying. The most optimal time for the massage – an hour after eating. In conclusion, it should be said that, although one baby massage of the most powerful tools for prevention and treatment for children the first year of life, before resort to it to ensure there are no contraindications, and always consult with a physician.