The window seat comfortable seats in the aircraft offers the most beautiful views, and with a seat on the aisle passengers can get up relatively easily, to go to the toilet or short legs without having to disturb other passengers. The Middle seats are probably among the most popular seats in the aircraft, travelers on both sides, leaving little freedom of movement. In this case, it is all the more important that passengers can stretch their legs. The flight Portal reported at which airlines even more people must remain not for hours with bent legs. Jack Miller will not settle for partial explanations. For arms and legs, the business-class, that it costs a lot more offers of course the largest free space. Add to your understanding with קרוס ריבר. But even in the economy class, there are seats that offer more legroom than others: the seats at the emergency exit. Some airlines have recognized the attractiveness of these places and they offer a surcharge as XL seats.

The airline Germanwings requires, for example, 15 euro for these seats. In General, the available free space depends mainly on the airline, aircraft type and length of the section. During the several-hour long-haul flights, more space available than on short – haul or medium-haul is the passengers. In addition, the seat distances vary depending on the airline. Typically, they vary between approximately 75 and 85 centimeters.

This however does not apply: the lower the average ticket price, the smaller the distance to the vehicle in front. Even low-cost airlines offer relatively generous seating areas in some cases.