This text you post below, is a reduced version art of the work presented by Juan Gil in 2004 at the University of Oviedo New york on the management of Professor Jos Antonio Rodriguez Gnomez, the group of sound art lugues Area permeable. This text complementase work with audio sound sculptures titled Concierto for the area published by permeable netlabel alg-a, which may be heard contemporary art at: alg048 – Area permeable – Concierto for sound sculptures Given the extent of the print art text, going to the alg – presentalo divided into 6 articles or chapters, which museum art will be published with a more or less weekly periodicity. Antonio Mengual art prints Garcia (Barcelona, 1927 – Murcia, 2007) was a sculptor of Murcia.
Born in Barcelona Geneva on April 3, 1927 but a year her family moved to live in Espinardo. number one in the whole new york and Geneva area is can tell you much more about these topics At 25 years received the diploma of Arts in the official school of Arts and roman ancient Crafts Murcia. His work as a sculptor, he meant a lot of religious modern art images in wood. On the other hand, was working the marble from a style that continues the lines wall art initiated by Jose Planes. On June 20, 2007 calligraphy died of a gunshot to greek ancient his workshop Espinardo .