among them the most, his friend Henry Naranjo, Emeritus Professor of Typography native of Cali (Colombia). The Webs We must be united …! added in the next occasion I shall appear Logo Design THE FOREFRONT … stay tuned .. . .. A big salute . Ricardo Rousselot pretending to be something more than a website.It is a knowledge management project whose design objective is to promote interaction between people of Latin American countries from a broad perspective and participatory, using the language of design, creating spaces in which knowledge circulates, encouraging reflection, analysis and momentum to the process of creating, training and innovation. Via CDM Rousselot —- —- —- —- m tries to be something more than a web site.It is a project of management of the knowledge in design of propitiating Which target is the interaction between the persons of the Latin-American countries from a wide perspective and participation, by means of the language of the design, creating spaces so that the knowledge circulates , encouraging the reflection, the analysis and the boost to the processes of creation, formation and innovation. Updated: Site graphic