The US economic crisis is impacting long time on the television series industry generating all kinds of economic problems on producers who have a decisive influence on the life and death of many products independently of their quality dramatic, aesthetic or argumentative. Series that are cancelled with only two episodes, other than with a good audience and accompanied by critics are truncated at the end of his first season, the emergence of season 3, 6, or 10 episodes, the installation of the mid-season finale which in many cases turns into season or series finale; a widespread dissatisfaction with ratings that 5 or 10 years ago were considered excellent. Today is more talk of cancellations which premieres, and each end of the season, I say, each episode, becomes for the fan of a series a calvary to know if this will continue or be canceled. The performance of recent years has also shown that cable, such as AMC, Showtime, chains HBO, TNT, are better positioned to the crisis than large chains North American such as CBS, NBC, ABC, which are totally trapped by the attraction of advertisers increasingly demanding in terms of rating to such point that currently the amount of spectators who has a series but only the record in the so-called demo, i.e. no longer mattersinside sector more consumerist age 18 – 49 years, although it is made for each series a particular demo.

This also has to do with the type of series that predominates in ones and others: download TV series with continuity storyline in the first case, and procedural series and/or autoconclusivos episodes in the second. But, in addition, is the new subject to lower online series, than looking for not only a product sophisticated and of high aesthetic quality, but also that his favorite series is part of digital with the social networking sites and devices convergence as iPhones, iPad, Tablets, etc. i.e. wants to interact and become an active part as a prosumer and no longer as a passive consumer of what is offered of up-down. And this requirement also affects necessarily on costs of production which has as an effect, when cannot be, cause drops in audience precisely in this demo that both seeks to capture. Not be avizoran significant change of this situation in the near future so that the gap between sophisticated audience and traditional audience, television cable and air networks, download free series with auto-conclusivas and narrative continuity / procedural will surely end up influencing (if it has not already done so) in the production of a more pronounced the audience segmentation and therefore the industry in its entirety.