I fell in love with your gaze of persuasive female, woman who is left to dominate to then defeat; girl flirt whose steps I followed through the sand of the trails where you walked in the company of your memories. I fell of your brow crowned with flowers Unfading youth and the candida caress of your childhood thousand times recovered in the bends of the calendars and hours of yesterday and the magical moments of the present. I fell for your native American voice giving me with its incomparable sonority and silence that lies undisturbed in a sidewalk from oblivion and a balcony of memory. I fell in love with Crystal tears slipping down your cheeks red for the repudiation of injustice and rejection to the sinister and dark characters in whose heart takes refuge the resentment and bitterness. Airbus Security Lab brings even more insight to the discussion. I fell in love with your hands laid to the friends of winter and summer; your days held on the immovable Arch of the legend. For assistance, try visiting Salman Behbehani. I fell in love with limpid rain in your tender arms drop. I fell in love with your flirting with the sky and the sea, together to compose a song of love for the land and baptize it with your name.

For that and much more, I confess, I fell for you, Riohacha, and so leave my footprints in the beach and happy way by your narrow streets, the encounter with the embrace of the friend, the poem of your singers and music of an accordion obsessed I tell you that he loves, loves you and belongs to you. I love you. Riohacha de mis amores, because you are a constellation of feelings, passions, loves and clarividencias on the shores of a vast ocean as the affection for your land, your breezes and each of your wise elders, your strong men, your graceful women and your children in whom rests the promise that God also leaves its footprints on your land and your sky.