Accessory Packs The Sims 2 The Sims 2: Family Fun: Add fun to your Sims’ family with this brand new collection of furniture, clothes and decorative items. Decorate your home with nice bedroom sets for children and renewing the furnishings of the room to the last. Dress your Sims well conjoined to spend an unforgettable day with your family. With 60 new accessories from castle beds to seaworthy replicas, your Sims will spend it in style!. The Sims 2: Glamor: Pamper your Sims in a glamorous life with a collection of luxurious furniture, fashionable clothing and extravagant decor accessories. Create lavish homes furnished with the best collections for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Make your Sims are fixed in the new exhibit elegant dresses, ensembles for the red carpet and fashion styles at your next shindig.Your Sims will live the good life with 60 new accessories including pop art paintings, furniture pieces, a string of high-tech mini, skins, and more! The Sims 2: Happy Christmas: Sweeten the holidays with this updated collection of cool accessories. Decorate the houses and gardens for your Sims with objects of different parts of the world and sure to dress him in particular for these dates Add a touch of Christmas to your Sims in these special holidays!. The Sims 2: Celebration!: Now your Sims can celebrate their holidays in style with this fun collection of furniture, clothes, fashion for parties and decorations. Dress your Sims in elegant wedding clothes for a glamorous outdoor ceremony, decorate their houses and gardens for the most sensational event, or invite your friends and neighbors to celebrate an elegant evening meeting. Organizes the most spectacular celebrations with new items including delicious cakes, colorful paper lanterns, balloons, sparkling crowns and more.Be the host of the most important social event of the season with your Sims! The Sims 2: H M Fashion: Clothes H M arrives at our computers in the hands of Electronic Arts, which offers us the possibility to design the models of our Sims. Besides, we decorate the furnishings of our properties as we like and what we will explore great: organize fashion shows in style, as true designers. The Sims 2: Teen Style: Give your young Sims everything they need to express their unique style with The Sims 2 Teen Style Stuff. Now the newest Sims will be delighted with their new exclusive furniture, decorative objects and more fashionable clothes for three distinct themes: “Gothic”, “sport” and “children well.” Give your Sims a new stereo, a TV and other gadgets to go to the last and kept in touch with your friends.That you not stay and look Sims always in fashion for young, like sportswear, designer jeans and ensembles to practice yoga. Let the Sims more youngsters to unleash their creativity as they like teenagers!. The Sims 2: Kitchen Bath Interior Design: Re-design the main living areas of your Sims and turn them into more luxurious spaces. Modernizes the interior of kitchen and bathroom for your Sims, recreating a contemporary or romantic. Transform the bathroom into a romantic retreat with beautiful freestanding bathtubs and soothing lights integrated, or brings a modern twist with beautiful glass showers and toilets. Redesign your kitchen as you update it with sleek appliances on granite countertops placed, or natural wood cabinets next to wrought iron stoves. Dress your Sims in clothes and accessories perfect for enjoying its magnificent new rooms, from luxury designer bath robes to aprons.Become a personal interior designer of your Sims! Neighborhood kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams with a wide range of new furniture, decorative items and clothing! The Sims 2: IKEA Accessories for the home: Decorateyour home with a new collection of furniture and home decor designed by IKEA. You can create a modern atmosphere, a spacious office, an elegant dining room or a cozy bedroom, making the house your Sims ‘dreams into something even better, a hogar.Dise a your Sims’ home to fit your personality through a novel range of sofas, beds, tables, televisions, bookcases and a variety of patterns and colors that are truly unique. Give the final touch, thanks to IKEA decorative items such as mirrors, lamps and vases. Become an interior designer with inspiring, contemporary styles from IKEA.The Sims 2: Mansion Gardens: Design impressive estates and meticulous gardens for your Sims with three new collections.