The Vita Christi was born as a book of doctrine and became one of the important pieces of worship literature in the fifteenth century, in what is known as The Golden Age Valencia.
Critics and scholars have seen as a special relation, as well as a special case, subject to the few publications that are conserved written by women. Biographical book and contemplation, which does not exclude the dreams as a way to explain spirituality, talks god about women in direct relationship with Christ, a view that it should not taste much of the church then.
According to Marti de Riquer, the Vita Christi is’ a book of biographical and contemplation at the same time, if we take into account these two aspects, the fundamental intent of the author, are in danger of not understand, but that does not mean that the modern reader is more interested in the life of Christ and the episodes from the beyond. “
The intention of the Vita Christi doctrinal book that bible was not signed by the author, it does not detract from a great literary work that is not only based on sources believed to be legitimate. Far from it, writes Isabel de Villena attention to other sources called ‘extra-canonical’ books or apocryphal traditions.
In the latter could be read as also was influenced by his father because, as Grand Master of an order, which gives some valid texts not recognized by the church, as well as the glorification of women.
“The Abbess of the Trinity in Valencia gives us a life of Christ not so orthodox as it does many of the news and includes the canonical Gospels, soul however, many issues and stories of the apocryphal prayer texts and traditions of pious, as those contained in the Legend books aurea. It includes, for example, many of the parables and miracles, including the four evangelists, can not remember, not even, which is considered the obvious fundamental Christianity, “Sermon on the mountain” . A Isabel de Villena’s interest but the innocence of Mary and Jesus, and the passion and death of his mother and ascension to the doctrine, preaching. “(translated into Castilian)
Alfons Llorenc, “The Vita Christi, a text coetani” dins “Aproximacio the mon literari of Festa d’Elx” Festa d’Elx, num. 45, pp. 109-123 (Elx, 1987)

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