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The Remarkable Global Economy

We have entered a global economy where not only jobs, but whole industries are coming and going at a speed never before imagined. Many people who suffer during this period of rapid economic change do not seem to understand what is happening. Many have been educated with the old ideas of the industrial age that no longer work. They are upset and angry that they are unemployed, or working in jobs completely different from their training or previous experience. What are baffled by the speed of change and are often angry or depressed. To succeed in today’s job market must be flexible. Be laid off or fired is not personal in our rapidly changing economy. It is a fact of life.

It simply means that because the level of sales activity, the company can no longer afford to stay. Their job is to find a place where their contribution is worth more than the salary you need to achieve your goals, support your lifestyle, and plan for retirement. There are always jobs for the creative minority. You never have to be unemployed if you do one of three things: change the work they are offering to do, change where they are offering to work, or change the amount they are asking for their services. If there is demand for their knowledge and experience, you have to learn to do something else and provide skills that are in demand at the moment. Employers do not care about his past. They only care about its future and its ability to add value to their customers.

Globalty Safe

Globalty: new insuring of, independent and gratuitous the comparator of insurances online, it does not stop to grow and to include new insurance agencies in his comparator with the clear objective to always offer the best price and the best service to the user. The new company that has been gotten up is Globalty, that promises to offer an ample product range of quality to very competitive prices. Globalty Safe is member of the insuring group Admiral with more than 2 million clients in all Europe. Its positioning of market is based on adapting each type of policy to its concrete customer; that is to say, to adapt the type of policy to the needs of each client. With this philosophy, the company offers, in addition services of hiring and attention to the multi-channel client. Besides more than good relation quality/price, Globalty Safe offers flexible facilities of payment and a network of factories of confidence of the high level distributed by all the national territory. To what delays to make your budget with and to save time and money in the insurance of your car? Source. writing Source: Note of Press sent by anamuruais..

Humanities Education

These numbers place Brazil in 1 together place with other countries as for the access to the education, in the research of the ONU divulged for the Global Gender Gap Index 2008, that evaluates the difference between men and women in 128 countries. In this same research when the work market is evaluated, Brazil still is in 72 position of ranking world-wide, the situation worsening when the evaluation is the wage equality, the position of Brazil is 100 (MORALES, 2010). Barroso and Melo (1980, p.47) affirm that the woman increases gradually the years of study that the masculine public, but the growth does not have the same ratio when it relates to the income inaqualities. Bruschini and Lombardi (2000, p.64) affirm that the unemployment tax is bigger between the women, and same with higher pertaining to school level they still earn less than the men even though to develop functions equivalents. The difference in the monthly average income between the men and women of same escolaridade is of about 30% more for the men. Exactly with many changes in the general picture of the situation of the woman in relation to the education and the market of work and although the feminine presence in all the areas of the knowledge, still exists the segmentation for sex how much to the areas of ingression in Superior Ensino with the feminine predominance in the education areas, social health, sciences, Humanities and arts. This segmentation significantly influences in the profile of the work market creating the calls typically feminine occupations, and that generally less income terms of and occupational status are valued in. The IBGE divulged on the basis of in 2008 the data of PNAD 2007, that 44.6% of the women in Brazil are used in on areas to the education, health and social services and 15.7% of the men only act in this sector..

Global Heating

The century of aqueciemnto global We are people placed in the den Paradise to be cultivated and to be kept which garden. Gnesis 2:8,9,15 the human being is ahead of its bigger collective quandary: the global heating, that affects the preservation of the life and the species. Actions human beings of aggression to the environment, mainly the immodarate emissions of gases of the effect greenhouse, threaten to cause serious damages to the species human being and to all unbalance the environment of the planet Land, an alive being and patrimony of all. Still it has time to correct the errors of these antrpicas actions, and for this, a great force-task of diverse agents of the society to change the catastrophic scene is pressing that if avizinha. In the scope of the scientific community, it has an enormous controversy on an ample phenomenon, called climatic changes, that the global heating in virtue of the rise of the average temperature of the surface of the Land in 0,76 C in last the one hundred years provoked. It has a confrontation between two diametrical opposing positions: one affirms that the human being produced the heating global, with alarming consequncias for the planet and that it remains little time to act; to another one it more supports that the planet will be more cold in few decades, for the climate to be influenced by cosmic radiations that for action human beings. The majority of the scientific community and United Nations is partisan of the first position, while a minority of researchers, called skeptical, defends to another position. The thematic debate around the ecological one, by as much time left in second plain for the authorities, is incited and is in the center of the attentions for the whole world, and today it takes ratio global, for involving enormous financial interests, politicians, cultural and social.

Global Consumerism

The great challenge is as we go to be part domundoe as the world goes to be part of the Amaznia (Lcio FlvioPinto) Comoa globalization has generated standardized processes of production and consumption, that, atodo moment, subvertem and/or (depending on the regional context economic) the conventional borders of the current world reatualizam, facilitating eacelerando the reproductive cycle of the capital, transnational companies, to medidaque promote the development of its productive forces, have appropriate existing natural dasriquezas for the quadrants of the globe, neglecting oudinamizando regions in agreement its necessities each ampler time derealizao of profit (MELLO, 2000). Daa reason for which the scholars of the ambient question are innumerable that fazemcrticas forceful and systematic to the capitalist civilization, that reached, over all from the half of century XX, one raised mundialidade level custa of an intense e, in determined cases, irreparable degradation of meioambiente, that it provokes, amongst other things, the deforestation, fauno-florstica aextino, brusque climatic alterations, dosrios assoreamento, desertificao etc. if it must to the standard of living (ecologicamenteinsuportvel, the medium and long run) adopted by the said societies modern. Meirelles Son (2006, P. 157) is emphatical: ‘ ‘ The only true cause for odesaparecimento of the Amaznia is our greed for more bovine meat, for maismadeira, more ouro’ ‘. Deacordo with Meirelles Son (2006, P.

157-8), if was not the search insacivel’ ‘ for the rise of our standard of consumo’ ‘ as well as emoutras parts of the planet inhabits in the consumerism (MEIRELLES SON, 2006). Meirelles Son (2006, P. 158) arrives to say, literally: ‘ ‘ In the sad efrias shelves of the diverse supermarkets we have to our disposal pedaosda Amaznia and of the tropical forests of the planet, in the chicken form, belly of porco picadinhoou; ‘.

The Globalization

The form or strategy of administration of the globalization, is adjusted to the principles of 3 the neoliberal model, that it is a vehement theoretical reaction and politics against the interventionist State and of welfare. Undisputedly, it is a process without precedents in the history of the societies human beings, considering its abrangncia, its amplitude and power of domination. Express in the consumption of superfluous and dismissable, in the conditional taste of the people, in the division of the society in consumers and merchandises. Obviously, cousin for ' ' bons' ' customers. Vender and to buy: the magnificent and seductive epigraph. The education, while social phenomenon, suffers influences from the ample reorganization of the society (in course), in a successive and globalizante scale, redefining practical and educational politics.

The globalization of the education is evident, as cultural process by means of the processing, diffusion and transmission of information. It implies, therefore, in a uniformizao of economic and cultural standards. In this context, the enterprise, mercantile logic, if imposes the politics. With the withdrawal of the State in the plan of development of the societies, consequently, ' ' it enters in cena' ' the privatization of the public services and the restriction to the social rights. Doubtlessly, the exclusion of human groups shows as the tragic face and macabra of this historical moment. It is insisted on making to believe that ' ' the destination is this mesmo' ' , ' ' they do not exist alternative to the accumulation of capital' ' , ' ' it is the end of the Histria' ' …. The insistences for the legitimation of the neoliberal ideology are many, as it affirms Malaguti (2000, P.

07): ' ' the neoliberal iderio is totalizante and totalitarian. … Is presented as a species of ' thought nico' or ' truth inquestionvel' , looking for to impose itself, for this it saw, as exclusive interpretation of the reality social.' ' The immobilization of the History, proclaimed for the neoliberal thought, proclaims ' ' vitria' ' of the gift.