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Hello everyone. I think this is the place to which I must address this issue, however, if not, comunicadmelo. My question is if someone can tell me whether (and if so, where) a rule governing the issue of names and other names in other languages in the introduction to each article. Thus, for example in the article Scotland its name in Castilian, and common name in English, Irish and Scots. However, the Spanish are not specified. Why some and not in others’ Are We talk about this somewhere else, ‘I usually added the names of the languages spoken in each country or territory, or the name of a river by the sites that pass … But now I do not know. All this is a story that said the name of the river Tagus in Extremadura, and another user (Esetena) do not agree. We are talking about, but have not found any place where this issue is clarified. Thank you very much, a greeting. – The Cancho tiu (talk) 13:17 1 December 2008 (UTC)
I think a partially valid. In Spain it could add other names at the beginning of the Kingdom of Spain in at least some languages with official recognition in the area. Fernando 13:34 1 December 2008 (UTC)
Here is something about it (I do not understand that there are still a template … I moved to the site “Wikipedia”). Farisori messages 14:15 1 December 2008 (UTC)
Hola Fernando. I agree with you. We can not take the article as a reference to Spain. The fact that the article “Spain” has no official designations such a ruling is not a virtue. In fact, Spain is not highlighted and if Scotland. Featured articles in other, like Abkhazia, in the introduction names “aboriginals.” Other highlights of geography are, in my view, represent, and who seek to cities, regions accidents. Spanish-speaking areas of the majority. Others are from North America, where almost exclusively English queen The name (in some cases, not necessarily outstanding, is also the native name, as in Mount McKinley, but they are exceptional cases where these have been preserved). I think, going by the Tagus extremenohablante area deserves its name specified in Extremadura, such as for example the Rhine, which appears in 4 different languages (the Linguistic areas by running).
Farisori What do you think should be done ‘does not seem to have a clear policy on this matter’
Greetings to all – The Cancho tiu (talk) 15:23 1 December 2008 (UTC)
Well, the policy is clear on this point: for example if the Basque or Galician are co-official languages of Spain, then add it, otherwise not. Saludos ) Farisori messages 15:32 1 December 2008 (UTC)
Hello Farisori. Extremadura is the official language, however the Spaniard and the article also appears Oviedo. And in Gijon, in Cangas de Onis … The problem is that this policy does not speak of non-official languages. Anyway, I guess that the officers are also not allowed (of course it is de facto). – The Cancho tiu (talk) 15:58 1 December 2008 (UTC)
Hello. Well, I do not know whether the Spaniard is official or not in Oviedo. If not, then being strict, would be more and remove. Anyway, in short article I do not think England would then include other place names in non-official languages. Many greetings, Farisori messages 17:55 1 December 2008 (UTC)
Not because it is other relevant information. For the article in Oviedo, Asturias and Castilian, Catalan or not Japanese, for the article on Spain, the Castilian name in bold and italicized names in the official languages and in non-native Asturian (I do not speak of Extremadura I banned it for some time). Greetings. Lin lina me ’18:09 1 December 2008 (UTC)
Is it relevant to the article Espana ‘I do not think so .. if so, just as important to know as they say in Latin, English or Esperanto. But in order not to incur in wars editions, much less ) Saludetes, Farisori messages 18:18 1 December 2008 (UTC)
According to Lin Lina. Adding the names in other local languages instead of the treaty is deeply rooted throughout Wikipedia, so I do not see that can not be added in India, as in Peru or Paraguay. I test to see what reaction you have. Fernando 19:49 1 December 2008 (UTC)
Hello everyone. Farisori has provided clear and accurate information from a Wikipedia policy that unknown. I imagine that if this policy limits the case to the rank official languages is the need to define some sort of test the wide range of languages, dialects and other forms Linguistic who can speak in a certain geographical area, some with social impact may be so small that questioned its relevance to the encyclopedic to include the corresponding name.

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Selenium deficiency is relatively rare but can occur in fitness patients with severe intestinal dysfunction or exclusively parenteral nutrition, as well as in populations that rely on food grown in soils poor in selenium. The recommended daily intake for adults is 55-70 ‘g cardiovascular more than 400’ g supplements can fitness cause toxic effects (selenosis). … Minutes of the Federal Dietary Supplements and Health Education (federal … to strengthen the body’s immune system, is also considered …
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In the high-intensity sports such as builders or practitioners weightlifters want an increase nutrients in muscle mass (muscle hypertrophy) through a diet rich in protein and vitamins, or practices of carbohydrate intake during exercise., 55 other such need to broaden their aerobic capacity and extend the effort over a longer time. Some of these substances are nutrition not banned, but their use raises ethical problems in the development of the competitions. Notwithstanding the approved and prohibited substances are found in the lists published by the International Olympic skin care Committee. Dangerous supplements. Spain investigates slimming … health care health services to realize that dietary supplements … Health …
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turkey europe

The first portal dedicated to the present in Morocco. … as did the turkey cross the Atlantic and arrived in Europe before …
wild turkey. A native of the present territory of Mexico, was taken to Europe in 1511. … is an industry in large scale in North America and Europe and the turkey …
The turkey is a bird and polygamous polygyny, like other poultry and other animals … France is the leading European countries with differences in the production of duck. …
Ben Franklin always thought that the wild turkey in North America should be the … The Spaniards brought the domesticated turkey to Europe in 1519, and turkeys …


Delia Banks (Camryn Manheim): Delia is a widow an estate agent who has an office not far from the store Melinda. Delia has a son who Melinda caught stealing from his store, then find out who was being harassed by a ghost, who helps Melinda cross to the other side. Delia does not know the ability to Melinda, but has had to deal with a house haunted by a ghost who is assisted by Melinda to take the final step. Gradually, a friendship grows ever stronger between them, and after telling him that what is stressful work, Melinda offers to work with her exhibition at the store Antigen artifacts ages. Delia and Melinda accepts just telling his secret, after her husband appear like a ghost.
Professor Rick Payne (Jay Mohr): Well-educated, even arrogant, this professor specializing in the occult and the paranormal at the University of Rockland, often helps Melinda without even realizing it, responding to questions that she made. Although it is a known expert in the field of the supernatural, are largely skeptical of what they studied. In the chapter “Cat’s Claw” finally found the ability to communicate with the dead of Melinda. Payne is married, but it is understood that difficulty in their antiquities marriage. In the episode “The Collector” tell us that his wife is dead and another ally of ghost whisper, Gabriel, and his dark soul, which are impeding the progress of the vagrant souls. In the fourth season, takes a sabbatical and no longer appears in the series.
Banks Ned (Tyler Patrick Jones): Ned is the youngest son of Delia. Had a carelessness to steal tickets from a collector of Grateful Dead concert in Melinda’s shop, because they told a ghost andalusia heard every night to do so. Melinda helps the spirit (which had been the owner of the entries in life, and wanted to belong to someone who deserved punishment) to walk towards the light, after that Ned will be leaving the posts with the position to help clean the shop on weekends, so convincing Ned that leaves his “career criminal.” Apparently is in possession of an impressive collection of objects associated with the Grateful Dead. In a later episode, Melinda heard by chance about gallery his power and asked to speak with his father, but Melinda is not in contact with. Jim then spoke with him, he explains that it is positive that his father is not a ghost, and offers to help and listen whenever you need it, while maintaining secrecy.
Eli James (Jamie Kennedy) is a psychologist in Grandview. He debuted in art the first chapter of the fourth season. the family of art dealers, lead by with an expertise in ancient Egyptian art Because we had a near death experience, you can now listen to the spirits, but can not see them.
Marino Andrea (Aisha Tyler): Andrea Melinda was a member of the store of old age during the exhibits first season. Earlier work of counsel in New York. This character was aware of the power of Melinda and usually just helping. He died after a plane crash on his car in the episode “Free Fall” and was Melinda who had to tell him that he had died so that the cross beyond the first episode of the second season, “Love Never Dies.” Your S.A. name will not be mentioned again until the final chapter of the second season “The Gathering” Melinda recalls that when she also lost someone close in the air disaster.
Homer: It is a ghost dog that roams the house and the garden of Jim and Melinda. As a watchdog protecting the house from evil spirits. Originally, it was the dog of the three orphans in the episode “Lost Boys”.
Laughing Man (Douglas Bierman): A man who on many occasions at the end of a chapter appears laughing (first season). In the second season is something that has to do with Romano.
Tim Flaherty (Thomas F. Wilson): This is Jim’s best friend and lover of Delia. Jim is as paramedics.
Grandma (June Squibb): The grandmother of Melinda, Melinda taught her everything you know about ghosts. Melinda inherited his gift.
Booby Tooch (Dariush Kashani): coworker Jim.
Regie (Scott Rinker) is a photographer who appears on the third season. He has a blog and discover the gift of Melinda. Also dies in the third season.
Gabriel (Ignacio Serricchio): Another medium Melinda does not trust you. When it first appears, is trying to win the friendship of the protagonist, but she realizes that works of art working with the dark souls and tries to prevent anyone crossing into the light. the art dealers, Hicham and make the antiquities come to life A few episodes later, Melinda discovers that his brother is in fact.

February 16 galleries (Bloomberg) – England heritage plundered by nighthawkers, thieves who sneak into the field in the dark with metal detectors and unearth ancient artifacts, according to a group that advises the government on historic sites.
The Times of India
The indignation in the European Parliament on the auction of the Mahatma’s possessions is ironic as absurd right to them frustratingly difficult.
The Times of Trenton
The inside of the museum looked like a tornado had ripped through. Door after door was demolished, rooms were littered with crumpled paper and broken pieces of statutes under the floors.
The Capital
The Alma College Choir, from Michigan, comes to Annapolis on Monday, February 23 to sing a concert at the First Presbyterian Church. The eighty-minute concert is open to the public.

Antiquities and Islamic Art Auction Catalogue with Results (December 1993) by Sothebys (Paperback – 1993)

Radiative balance of the Earth

… water cycle clouds precipitation storm terms experiments and activities … that there is a time difference between a respandor …
This figure is one, a simplified schematic representation of the flow of energy between space, the atmosphere of the Earth and the Earth’s surface, and shows how these flows combine to keep warm the planet’s surface creating the greenhouse effect. If 235 W / m 2 is the total heat received at the surface, then the equilibrium temperature of the surface of the Earth would be -20 C (Lashof 1989). In contrast, the Earth’s atmosphere recycles heat coming from the surface and delivers approximately 324 W / m 2 to further increase the mean surface temperature to about 14 C . This process that recycles the energy in the atmosphere to warm the Earth’s surface is known as the greenhouse effect and is an essential part of the Earth’s climate. Under equilibrium conditions the total amount of energy that enters the system by solar radiation is exactly balanced with the amount of energy radiated into space, allowing the Earth maintain a constant average temperature over time.
Detailed representation of the flow of energy between space, the Earth’s atmosphere, soil and pubic by NASA The Earth Observer. November – December 2006. Volume 18, Issue 6. page 38, based on measurements of SORCE in 2006. The amounts in brackets indicate the variation of values over 1996
The terrestrial radiative balance is the fact that for long periods of time the temperature on Earth has remained essentially constant. This means a balance between the thermal radiation entering the upper atmosphere and leaving the atmosphere that absorbs energy and radiates the energy absorbed by the earth’s surface and the radiating part because none of the increases temperature. The exchanges of energy expressed in watts per square meter (W / m 2). However, measurements show that Earth is absorbing 0.85 0.15 W / m 2 rather than emitting it into space (Hansen et al. 2005). This increase, associated with global warming, is believed to have been caused by the recent increase in the concentrations of greenhouse gases. The clouds can be developed at all levels of the building air. … according to the height at the same time corresponds to the composition of the clouds …
Well, have you got that I have been lately ‘… All about clouds. Seek. Look in the grain, there is little time. subscribe …
The day is more stable but still rain in some regions of the north … Already on Sunday, followed by clouds and rain in Cantabria …

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The first collection of Florentine Antique Egyptian was the Medici collection, dating from the eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century, Leopold II of Tuscany, began to acquire objects that are currently in the Egyptian Museum. Along with Charles X of France, financed a scientific expedition to Egypt in 1828/29. The expedition was led by Jean-Francois Champollion, who decodes hieroglyphic writing. Ippolito Rosellini, a friend and student of Champollion, represent Italian interests during the expedition. Over time became the father of Egyptology Italian. Many objects were galleries collected during the expedition, both in archeological excavations, such as through purchases from local merchants. Upon their return, were distributed equally between the Louvre in Paris, and the new Egyptian Museum in Florence. Mr S. left his art business to his sons, Ali and who has made tremendous improvements to the Geneva Galler Copies of the Federal Register of Taxpayers for his galer”sa of antig’des. … exhibition It is recommended to bring your bills Galer ‘for the event that the request …
… artifacts working for an art house antig’des and despu’en a galer’de art … This galer’fue pay up to five a’despu’de that we opened “…
M’de 30 S.A. stores in antig’des located in one corridor. Address’ … Galer’De Windsor. you feel like you are stepping back hundreds of years when you walk through the exhibits at This galer’contiene gallery a art distinguished colecci’e objects …
Our galer’fue created in 1987 in especializ’ose painting … MONTENEGRO Galer’de Art – Antig’des. C / Marqu’de Valladares, works of art 37. 36,201 VIGO – Spain ‘..

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Robert McKimson based the painting on the real life of a Tasmanian devil, Australia, (Sarcophilus lanarius), but the most remarkable resemblance to the real ferocious appetite you have. Spinning like a tornado, it sounds as if he had heard many engines at the same time, the demon devours everything, animate or inanimate, and their efforts to find more food are always the central idea of his cartoons.
After a while, producer Edward Selzer, head of Warner Bros. Animation Studio, Robert McKimson ordered to stop production because the character was “very unpleasant”. After some time without new chapter of Taz, Jack Warner began to wonder why the removal. the same character except andalusia, andalusia tell Selzer that he had received “boxes and boxes” of letters calling for the devil to return to television.
McKimson did couples with Taz Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny as the chapter in which Bugs is dressed Mrs. Taz, to deliver some explosives.

Realization / Spanish provide weather forecasts in the world, as well as maps and reports of local climate of North America and South America.
The variables are measured prior to an order, the first are those that can change more over time. So, we start with the wind is going to observe the clouds and visibility, then the checkpoint meteorologica measure the temperature, humidity and evaporation after rainfall, record the present and the past and finally measured atmospheric pressure. … A key concern about the weather, which began in the evening … utilitarian sense: the weather could depend on the success …
See forecasts and national weather maps, satellite photos Meteosat. … in the world, or know the status of your city weather and more. …
Time TV. 30 TV stations listed. … Weather forecast for E.E.U.U. Forecast of national, forecasts and local severe weather. …

RUGBY scrum

Sport Rugby team. History. Basic concepts. Mele. Haka. Defense. Equipment. Punishment. Law of comparative advantage. Placajes. Rules. Equipment. Third time. …
Resumen: Page 1 ‘Page 2’ Page 3 ‘Page 4’ Page 5 ‘Page 6’ Page 7 ‘Page 8’ Page 9 ‘Page 10’ Page 11 ‘Page 12’ Page 13 ‘Page 14’ Page 15 ‘Page 16’ page 17 ‘Page 18’ Page 19 ‘Page 20’ Page 21 ‘Page 22’ Page 23 ‘Page 24’ Page 25 ‘Page 26’ Page 27 ‘Page 28’ Page 29 ‘Page 30’ Page 31 ‘Page 32’ Page 33 ‘Page 34’ Page 35 ‘Page 36’ Page 37 ‘Page 38’ Page 39 ‘Page 40’ Page 41 ‘Page 42’ Page 43 ‘Page 44’ Page 45 ‘Page 46’ Page 47 ‘Page 48’ page 49 ‘Work 50 ‘Page 51’ Page 52 ‘Page 53’ Page 54 ‘Page 55’ Page 56 ‘Page 57’ Page 58
editar News from other sports such as handball, indoor football, atlestismo, golf, sailing and sports in, the leading Spanish daily sports –
Rugby ball. Features of the game. Ground. Players. Technique. Tactica. Ways to play. Clustering. Mele. Hockey. Stick. Initiation
The mele or “scrum,” one of the most recognizable of rugby, is a … 9 – Scrum-half – half or scrum half mele is responsible for directing the …

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