Any modern USB-stick, unless it is not installed an advanced encryption system, requires no installation drivers or utilities. Be kind to carry a cd, and it negates all the advantages of USB-drive. You can not easily fill the 128 mb of memory useful files on the first computer tucked under the arm. To work hours will necessarily have to run the installer – if you simply connect the device to the USB-port and insert the disk, then the drivers will show up, but when installed there some kind of bug that will not allow the clock to operate as a drive. Driver is not certified by whql, Windows, and will 'curse' when installing it, and then finds more and SCSI-device. With the disk, in addition to the driver, you install two utilities – a program for rewriting hours, and the utility for formatting the drive.

Speed up your data at the clock in our tests did not exceed 210 Kb / s, ie to ensure that full fill the built-in 128 mb, would take 10 and a half minutes (!). Yes, it is not fatal if copy music to device once a day, but no reason for joy does not – players (not hours) of other manufacturers are copying the files twice, or sometimes five times faster. Battery life when playing music at close to maximum volume reached 8-9 hours. Feed watch from built-in lithium polymer battery and battery charge is restored when you connect the usb clock to your computer or using a special power supply. Again, unpleasant trifle – a domestic socket adapter in the kit you will not find.

Menus and control clock, in the role of the drive clock is not supported by ID3-tags, and you will either have to lay out the composition of the numbers, rename files, or to remember in what way they will be played. For the sake of minimizing the number of buttons on the manufacturer made it so that you can adjust the volume until you click 'Mode'. Non-graphical screen, and then that you adjust the volume, it becomes clear just from the fact that there in the middle double digits, adjustable in the range from 0 to 63, with the sound volume of less than 15 almost slyshen. button 'Mode' you can switch to a digital voice recorder. The screen will light up while the next set of icons: