Charity action: Free seminar participation in Rheinberg, 26.6.2008 – knowledge is the key factor for success or to points in job interviews. Not be overlooked are allowed but the so-called soft factors”on the professional way. The promotion of an employee in a company only to 10 percent are influenced by his achievements a study of by IBM to result, to 90 per cent by the image, personal style, awareness, and the problems-mung of superiors. What can you do to strengthen these components? It is easiest to work regularly on their own personality development. For example, by visiting seminars. However, cost money, and this is the crucial hurdle for unemployed people often. The seminar provider Pro charisma Rheinberger reserved a free seminar course in personality development for an unemployed person now. Charisma training “seminar held in August in Cologne, Germany.

Maximum 12 persons are three days long learning, to develop their personal charisma and to strengthen, to show up at their best in the future. The idea, to allow the free visit an employment-seeking person, should continue also in future seminars. This is our small contribution to the social participation”, as Julia Sobainsky, seminar leader and developer of the Pro charisma-training concept. The sponsored participants must arise this weekend just for its meals gungskosten. The seminar has a total value of 950,-. If you have interest in this free seminar, promotes pro charisma, Julia Sobainsky, on the 42 Wiesenrain, 47495 Rhine mountain, or via email at. The applicant or the applicant should be over 30 years old, submit a certificate of the date of unemployment and have completed vocational training. He should explain why he or she just need to get the seminar.

Of course we want to prevent abuse”, so Sobainsky. The help “to come to where it is useful and needed.” For more information about the seminar see contact / contact person for the press: Julia Sobainsky, Tel: 02802 948527 fax: 02802-948529, E-Mail: Pro charisma headquartered in Rheinberg near Dusseldorf has specialized in training in the field of personality development. Owner Julia Sobainsky has developed its own system for increasing of the charism, the Pro charisma training system. Studied actress engaged in the topic of broadcasting for 15 years.